Love is the most precious thing on earth

Love is by far the most precious thing on earth.
Like  a rose's fragrance or a child's birth.
Love me and leave me, that's the story of my life.
But it won't happen again see, since I've got a butcher's knife.
Yeah see,  the next man who loves me and leaves me so quick, mm-hmm,
I'mma cut off his balls and I'mma chop off his dick.
I'mma shoot that motherfucker, I'mma kill him, I'mma stab that motherfucker.
Shit, fuckin wit' me, oh no see, I'mma run him over wit' my car, see.
He is fuckin' wit' the wrong fucker, you ain't fuckin' wit' me.
I will kill that motherfucker.

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